Akrobatics, rock´n´roll and plants.

A story about two people, two dreams and one mutual life.

It is all a bit relative.. who is the boss and who is rododendron? Can you keep your balance if you are not in harmony? Excursion to the plant psychology brings new knowledge about the plantpot therapy.

Acrobalance and aerial hoop acrobatics

directed by Ilona Jäntti

supported by Helsinki City Winter Garden, KD Mlejn in Prague and theatre Na Cucky in Olomouc.

performers: Eliška Brtnická a Josef Toman
Direction, choreography: Ilona Jäntti and col.
consultations: Stéphanie N'Duhirahe
production: Dagmar Roubalová, Eva Sílová
photo: Vojtěch Brtnický
light design: Vlado Veleta