Staircase is an aerial acrobatics performance for the stairway spaces with certain space in between the stairways. For the first time it took place on the occasion of the international contemporary circus Fun Fatale festival opening on the 11th april 2018 in the building of Philosophical faculty of Charles University in Prague at the Jan Palach´s square. The conception created by Eliška Brtnická is based on partial improvisation and interaction with the space and audience. The cast is also variable of international cooperation of a few aerial performers. The main role plays the vertical space and its filling up. Stairway itself has the great parameters, that call for aerial show. It is the height and the natural auditorium all arround all height through in different levels. Thanks to this audience can freely move, change their viewpoits or even watch the actions from above. The dance sort of acrobatics doesn´t aim to amaze but it offers the spectator special visuality of various images of human body in the space watched from unusual angles.

The show was repeated on the 29.3.2019 at the staircase of the Polytechnic Univerzity in Jihlava as a part of Fun Fatale festival 2019 with performers: Eliška Brtnická, Ilona Jäntti, Zuzana Drábová and Lenka Švolíková, music by Roman Džačár.

concept: Eliška Brtnická

performers: Stéphanie N´Duhirahe /CH/, Ilona Jäntti /FI/, Ana Jordao /PT/, Isabelle Schuster /DE/, Eliška Brtnická /CZ/

music: AN-NA Anna Štěpánová

light design: Prokop Vondruška

production: Iva-Hedvika Zýková, Cirkus Mlejn, z.s.