I often work with the finish company Ilmatila. This is the latest show I am part of:

To Every Cloud

To Every Cloud uses the techniques of rope and silk on metal wire. The performance explores the relationship of the body and the material, of hard and soft; how the body leaves a trace on the metal and the metal on the body.

The project was shortlisted for Cirkus Next 2013-2014 scheme under the title "Silver Lining".

Director: Ilona Jäntti
Performers: Šárka Bočková, Eliška Brtnická / Isabelle Schuster, Ilona Jäntti
Light design: Kauri Klemelä
Duration: approx. 45 minutes

Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation - Uusimaa Regional fund, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Samuel Huber Art Foundation

Premiere 31 January 2017 in UFFO Trutnov, Czech Republic

Photo: Vojtech Brtnicky