curriculum vitae

Date of birth: 16th of December 1983

Place of birth: Jihlava, the Czech Republic

Address: Musílkova 302/1, Prague 150 00

GSM: +420 608 711 892

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2013 - 2018 HAMU – doctor´s degree, project researching aerial choreography, Ph.D. finnished in november 2018 

2005 – 2010 HAMU (Music an Dance fakulty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) Nonverbal theatre department (physical theatre, pantomime, clownerie, dance, authorship), 2010 master thesis: Acrobatic Act (contemporary circus dramaturgy)

Foreign interships during the study at HAMU:

2016 Finland – Helsinki: Ilmatilacompany, working intership, choreography

2007 France - Paris: Académie Européenne de Théâtre Corporel, corporeal mime technic

2009 Spain - Ciudad Real: Escuela Internacional de Artes Escénicas y Pantomima

cirkus mlejn company:

In 2009 Eliška Brtnická founded her own contemporary circus company. Cirkus Mlejn creates author shows with the concepts of Eliška Brtnická, in collective direction and cooperates with freelance artists, choreographers, musicians and others. The creation is based on experiments with dramaturgy and choreography and each show is created in totally different process. The main effort is to find an artistic language, but eliminate the primary effects of the circus skill itself to develop a special expression of the physical being on the stage. 


2016 ENOLA

Solo full-lenght show, aerial trapeze, physical thetre; video triler: Eliška Brtnická: Enola - circus performance trailer:

2015 Vertical dance duo number


Duo aerial street comedy show

2015 FEJKA

Duo show, aerial hoop and acrobalance, direction Ilona Jäntti /FI/

2015 FeRPLAY

trio show, aerial acro, hand to hand trio, about playing games with metal materials


Site-specific circus project at the children playground in Prague. (performed for pleasure in a nice wheather to approach to the audience)


Contemporary circus show, that uses many metal materials, thinking about industrial world.(premiere: august 2013)


Contemporary circus show about the meeting point of art and sport. Directed by Ilona Jäntti /FI/ (played all arround the Czech repuclic)


Aerial acrobatic show with live classical music, that inspires all movements and causes emotions. (played in many festivals and theatres in the Czech and Slovaque republic)


Inspired by the czech surrealist Jindřich Štyrský and other surrealist fine art pieces, about degenerated men fantasy of women. (played at many theatres and festivals in CZ and Europe)


New circus slapstick comedy show about two beings waiting to make some tea out of snow. (played all arround Europe)


2017 TO EVERY CLOUD: aerial show on metal wires with company Ilmatila /FI/

2016 NEFŇUKA: aerial hoop with marionette /thetre show with disabled

2015 MIMO PROVOZ: aerial ropes on pullies and acting in circus/theatre show

2015 PONY IS A SMALL HORSE: performing in Ilona Jäntti´s show, aerial hoop

2013 CIRKOPOLIS vol.1/ LE MOMENT PRÉSENT: Seven circus artists who had not known each other before created a show during seven days directed by Albin Warette. Played just twice in Prague.

2010 VYSOKÉ SNĚNÍ / HIGH DREAMING: show created and performed at the Czech pavilion at the world exibition EXPO in Shanghai with VOSA theatre

2008 ON AIR: scenario, choreography and performing with T.E.J.P. theatre in the new circus performance using clownery, hand to hand akrobatics, static trapeze and masks

(played all arround the Czech rep.)

2007 ZTRACENI / LOST: student performance of HAMU, experiment of minimal mouvement expresion, direction Adam Halaš /CZ/ (festivals in Prague, in Japan)

2007 OFSAJT / OFSIGHT: authorship dance duet with Veronika Vaculíková

2006 VAKOKODESKA performing in the street-parade performance of Continuo theatre on the high stilts in the paper costumes of birds made within a scenographic project in Japan (Played in Czech rep. And Poland)

2004 EDISÓNI / EDISONS: performing in the new circus performance of T.E.J.P. theatre , akrobatics, masks, inflatable objects (played all around the Czech rep.)

2003 SALTIMBANGO: Performing in the site-specific project of T.E.J.P. theatre in Jihlava inspired by the legend about a tumler´s descent on the rope from the church tower to the square in the town of Jihlava.

2003 KRATOCHVÍLENÍ: site-specific project of Continuo theatre at the Kratochvíle castle

2005 Don Pasquale akrobat in the opera, National Theatre in Prague

2008 Falstaff - akrobat on the swinging trapeze in the opera, National Theatre in Prague

2010 Don Quijote – silk acrobatics in opera, The state opera in Prague


2016: aerial choreography for HAMU student Eliška Navrátilová show Tak si vyber!

2015: aerial choreography supervision for HAMU student Veronika Smolková show Čarovná zima

2015: aerial choreography supervision for HAMU student Eliška Navrátilová show Stanice Trancendence

2014: contact juggling choreography supervision and direction for HAMU student Ondřej Holba show Piece of Glass

2014: aerial choreography for Cink Cink Cirk company – show BUM+

2013: aerial choreography and dramaturgy for Cink Cink Cirk company - show Cink?

2013: aerial choreography for Michaela Kosiecová (deaf performer) – solo show Motýl

2012: aerial choreography for Marta studio (deaf performers) – show Písně, básně, balady

2012: aerial choreography for theatre Disk in Prague - show Hosté


2012 – present: dramaturgy of the festival FUN FATALE in Prague – contemporary women circus festival,

2011 – present: dramaturgy and production of the festival SOLO THEATRE FOR CHILDREN in Prague

Pedagogic work:

aerial acrobatic technics (fix trapeze, silks, vertical rope, hoop), aerial choreography, aerial rigging, acrobalance (at the Academy of performing arts HAMU, KD Mlejn, Cirqueon – Prague)

workshops and courses:


6/2015 contemporary circus dramaturgy, Albin Warette /FR/

9/2014 physical theatre, Odin Theatre

3/2013 physical theatre, Albin Warette /FR/

8/2010 theatre movement and mask, Karel Vostárek /CZ/

11/2007physical theatre, Rafael Degar /Mexico/

8/2006 nonverbal theatre, Zoja Mikotová /CZ/

8/2002 physical theatre, Régise Duqué, Cédric Juliens /Belgium/

8/2001 pantomime, Michal Hecht /CZ/

Circus technics, research and theory:

2016-2017 Certificat de dramaturgie circasienne – Circus dramaturgy certificat – organised by CNAC /FR/ and ESAC /BE/ schools, 94 hours program, teachers: Philippe Goudard ,Jean-Michel Guy, Christophe Huysman, Bauke Lievens, Roberto Magro, Ariane Martinez, Karel Vanhaesebrouck

2016 Circus Laboratory (organised by Circus Next), Roberto Magro /IT/

2015 Aerial convention workshop, Hangar Arts Trust, London /UK/

2015 Aerial static trapeze, Eva Ordonez /ESP/

2014 Aerial static trapeze, Tamryn Escalante /JAR/

2013 Hand to hand, acrobalance, banquine, La Meute /FR/

2013 Handbalancing, Quim Giron /ESP/

2013 Aerial rope, Morgane Widmer /CH/

2012, 2013 Aerial cloud swing, Francesca Hyde /UK/

2012 Rigging and safety in aerial disciplines, Jana Korb /Germany/

2012, 2013 Aerial hoop, Ilona Jäntti /FI/

2012 Aerial duo, Janine Morell /Germany/

2010,2011 Aerial rope and silk, Stéphanie N´Duhirahe /CH/

10,11/2009 Aerial silks acrobatics, Jana Korb /Germany/

5/2007 Hand to hand acrobatics, Jana Korb /Germany/

7/2006, 9/2006, 8/2007 Static trapeze, Jana Korb /Germany/

2007 Courses at the circus school „Les Noctambules“, Nanterre-Paris /France/

8/2007 Acrobatic gymnastic, Ahmed Saïd /France and Comorian Islands/

1991-2001 Akrobatic Rock´n´roll in competition

juggling: Balls: Sergej Ignatov /Russia/, Marco Paoletti /Argentina/, Contact juggling with ball: Günter Klingler /Germany/, Adéla Kratochvílová /CZ/, Psychomotor games : Dagmar Trávníková /CZ/


7/2016 Dance and physical theatre research, Alexander Vantournhout /BE/

7/2014 Dance and physical theatre, Jaro Viňarský /SK/

4/2014 The Body Wheather, Van de Ven /NL/

4/2012 Handbalancing and dance, Natalie Reckert /Germany/

8/2011 Butoh dance, Sumako Koseki /Japan/

2009 Contact improvization, Monika Rebcová /CZ/

2007 Contemporary dance, Eva Mikulíková /CZ/

8/2005 Dance and object, Günter Klingler /Germnay/

8/2004 Contact improvisation, Maria Jäntti /Finland/

2003 – 2004 Contemporary dance, Marika Kabeláčová /CZ/


2012: SM system I.,II., spine regeneration exercises

2012: classical taping, kinesiotaping

2010: first aid course

2008-2010: Pilates instructor


2007, 2008 lectures on the music therapy, Matěj Lipský /CZ/, Wolfgang Mastnak /Austria/

1999 - 2007 singing, Mirjam Javůrková /CZ/, Dana Fučíková /CZ/

1989 - 2002 playing the violin, Josef Mrázek /CZ/

Engagement, Employment:

2013: HAMU - Academy of performing arts in Prague: doctor studies – contemporary circus: processus of creation

2008 – 2015: Cultural center KD Mlejn: theatre dramaturgist (theatre repertory manager)

Foreign languages:

English: advanced

French: advanced

Spanish, Japanese: intermediate


Japanese language and writing, cooking, travelling, massage