circus technics

I am aerialist working mainly on the static trapeze, but I also use other apparatus (vertical rope, silk, hoop, straps, vertical dance..). I like working with nonusual materials for aerial (I researched hanged paper, I worked with Ilona Jäntti on wires, I used also different shapes of trapeze kind of apparatus or ropes on pullies etc..). As I needed also to move on the floor, I find a way of contorsion, which is not a real contorsion, but my special creepy style. With my acrobalance partner we do a bit of this discipline too, but let´s say it is the second technic on a lower level. Another technical aspect I enjoy is rigging - working with knots, pully systems, ropes etc.. and researching how the apparatus can be influenced to get what we need.


I perform in shows of my own creation and sometimes I am invited to join some other projects.

outside eye work

I offten work like aerial choreographer and dramaturgical supervision in contemporary circus. I give aerial technic classes and workshops of aerial creation and choreography.


I am finnishing my PhD studies at HAMU (Prague) researching the connection between aerial choreography and dramaturgy (how the circus form influences the content).

artistic focus

Learning japanese language gave me the direction of japanese aesthetics. Inspired by butoh dance, shu-ha-ri philisophy or caligraphy I try to find other face of aerial movement, that I see more like dance. The context of site-specific, performance art, installation and plastic art interests me a lot. And I also love to make videos (dance / circus for camera).