in general

I am graduated from the non-verbal theatre at HAMU in Prague, where I also finished my PhD with the project about aerial choreography in 2018 . In 2010 I founded Cirkus Mlejn company. In 2017 I passed one year course of circus dramaturgy organised by the circus schools CNAC and ESAC. I often work with acrobats Ilona Jäntti or Stéphanie N'Duhirahe or KIT Copenhagen (Metropolis). Since 2016 my creation is oriented mostly to solo shows. In recent years, I am focusing more towards visual conceptions of performances (for example, cooperation with the czech sculptor Čestmír Suška) as well as site-specific and documentary performances . I also work as program director of the Fun Fatale International Festival.


I perform in shows of my own creation and sometimes I am invited to join some other projects.

outside eye work

I offten work like aerial choreographer and dramaturgical supervision in contemporary circus. I give aerial technic classes and workshops of aerial creation and choreography.


In 2018 I finished my PhD at HAMU (Prague) researching the connection between aerial choreography and dramaturgy (how the circus form influences the content).

artistic focus

 I try to find other face of aerial movement by searching for different shapes and forms of aerial trapeze. What is trapeze and how the form of it influences the movement on it? Could the trapeze be longer, thiker, multiple, turning, low, by wall, near ceiling, on window, without ropes... Is there some trapeze in the public space? Could the trapeze itself be an object of plastic art? I am searching for new trapeze language, expression and movement quality and I generate content of performnaces out of the artistic research arround it.

Learning japanese language gave me the direction of japanese aesthetics. I am inspired by butoh dance, shu-ha-ri philisophy or wabi-sabi and yugen concepts. the context of site-specific, performance art, documentary, installation and plastic art interests me a lot. And I also love to make videos (dance / circus for camera).