ENOLA in 2018

1.11. 19:30 KD Mlejn, Prague tickets

26.9. at 20:00 Praha - KD Mlejn

26.8. Znojmo - festival Znojmo žije divadlem

22.6. Praha - Klub Mlejn

13.5. Olomouc - Divadelní Flora festival

9.5. Brno - Stadion - Fun Fatale festival 

16.4. Bratislava - A4 - Fun Fatale festival

7.4.  at 17:00 La Fabrika, Praha - Czech Dance Platform / Česká Taneční Platforma

31.1.  at 19:30 DIOD, Jihlava

21.1. at 19:30 KD Mlejn, Praha - Festival Sólové tvorby pro děti

9. and 10.11. ENOLA in Berlin - Luftartistik Festspiele Berlin

Aerial Arts Festival Berlin http://www.aerialartsfestival.de/front-page/programm-2017/ chcete vědět víc?

8.10. 2017 ENOLA in Cheb: 19th Cheb Monodrama Festival

19th Cheb Monodrama Festival - festival Divadlo jednoho herce http://www.divadlocheb.cz/main.php?sess=djh&r=2017 chcete vědět víc?


Come to see the performance REZ-ERVACE - the coexistence of Čestmír Suška´s plastic art and visual circus performance by Eliška Brtnická, Stéphanie N´Duhirahe, Cirkus Mlejn and various international guest performers. ABANDONED DWELLINGS named exhibition at the M3 / Art in Space festival is situated here:


program for summer 2017:

29. 6. 21:00
30. 6. 21:00
3. 8. 21:00
17. 8. 21:00
6. 9. 21:00
25. 9. 21:00
26. 9. 21:00

in Kaizlovy sady -  Prague 8 Karlín

duration: 30 minutes

free entrance

about the project: REZ-ERVACE

about the exhibition ABANDONED DWELLINGS:

A participant in the unoficcial art scene since the late 1970s, Suška is an organisator of exhibitions, a member of the Tvrdohlavi group, and founder of the art theatre collective Kolotoc and Sculpture Studio Bubec.
His early figuratively-expressed wooden, stone or clay works in the postmodern spirit reference almost archetypal symbols and natural shapes in a form of bizzare portrayal and embodiment. In the recent past, the sculptor’s main interest has emphasized geometric structure in the form of an ornament, net or relief. His permanent themes include working with the inner and outer space of the sculpture, mass and delicacy, and the interaction of sculpture with light. Since his scholarship residency in Vermont, USA in 2005, Suska’s primary material has been steel – he enjoys finding abandoned steel objects and transforming them into sculptures by cutting out networks of ornamentation. Working with light, inner and outer space, texture of the sculpture and the monumentality and delicacy of motifs are all important in his works.

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